#r%4Y$k! Passwords!

12.21.2010 · No Comments

While the title of this post might look like I’m swearing about passwords (more about that in a minute), it’s really about keeping your personal data safe by making sure you use “secure” passwords. Data security has always been an important topic but thanks to Wikileaks and the Gawker hack, it just got hotter. Whether [...]

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Simple Christmas Cards and $25 back!

12.04.2010 · No Comments

We had a bunch of friends over for dinner tonight and we started talking about how technology allows us to do things easier and faster. Case in point, it was time to create a Christmas card so after everyone left I fired up Shutterfly, uploaded 9 pictures from my iPhone gallery and arranged to pick [...]

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Podcamp Boston 5

9.27.2010 · No Comments

I attended my third Podcamp and second in Podcamp Boston last weekend and presented for the first time. The event was at the Microsoft NERD (North East Research and Development) Center in Cambridge.  It’s a great venue and the same one that Wordcamp Boston used earlier this year. Here are my slides as well as [...]

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The New Bedford Port Society Website

9.21.2010 · No Comments

This post was originally published as Launching the New Bedford Port Society website on our sister website seaz.me on March 11, 2009. Our latest project involved creating a web presence for the New Bedford Port Society, a nonprofit organization located in the New Bedford National Whaling Historical Park which has served mariners and the greater New Bedford [...]

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